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d hims●elf received from Mrs.Woods ●Broughton.As he picked it up to ex▓amine it more closely, an un


for▓tunate accident occurred.A man who h▓ad entered the shop shortly after▓ Lyon and who had possibly ove●rheard their conversation, had come up ▓close to Lyon's elbow, and now leaned fo●rward sud


denly as though to look a▓t the note over his shoulder.●His hasty movement upset a vase of flowers on t▓he counter.The vase was broken, the● flowers scattered over the floor, and the● water poured


over Lyon's cuff and hand, ▓as well as over the note which he ha●d just picked up.The man was profuse in h●is apologies, and supplemented Lyon's▓ handkerchief by his own to remove the traces● of th


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e deluge.Somehow in the mome●ntary confusion the note itself ▓was lost sight of, but Lyon had seen ▓enough to satisfy him that this mun

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●ificent order for flowers was simply another in●dication of Mrs.Broughton's interest in L▓awrence and his situation. Lawrence had wonde▓red what

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the roses might mean in the language of▓ flowers.Lyon could not help wondering whether▓ they spelled Remorse. CHAPTER X The f▓irst t

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hing to do was to see Kit●tie Tayntor.Lyon had received f●rom his kind-hearted friend in Columbus a ●glowing endorsement, which he had mailed to▓ Miss Elliott, with a formal request that he m▓ight be permitted to call upon Mis▓s Tayntor.In reply

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